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This is the story of a crazy idea, the adventure of a Museum of Colours at the crossroads of disciplines, a space that presents them in all their diversity. Since 2015 our association has been working on the creation of a permanent exhibition space to talk about colours, their perception, their use. After setting up a first cycle of exhibitions and numerous collaborations with artists and cultural institutions all over the world, we are working on the establishment of this permanent place in Berlin. A place open to all, to discover, to marvel and to be enhanced.

A space that will exist soon – thanks to you.



Automne Berlinois

Classe de 5b (année 2017/2018), Judith-Kerr-Grundschule Berlin
Paper, glue, tree leaves

This work is the result of the collective work by the students of Berlin’s Judith-Kerr Elementary School on the theme of the colours of nature. It was created in the framework of workshops, supervised by the cultural mediators of the Museum of the Colours and presented to the public in November 2017 within the exhibition « The Colours of and in the Nature ».

©Museum of Colours – David Klein

Green Earth of Prun


Prun Green Earth is a natural mineral pigment extracted in Italy in the Verona region. Formed by weathering volcanic rocks, it has been used since antiquity, both in artistic and decorative painting.
The Prun Green Earth of the Museum of Colours is a gift from the Conservatory of Ocher and Colour: Ôkhra,, Roussillon..

©Museum of Colours – Pierre Renard

Mandala Arc-en-Ciel

Le Peuple Arc-en-Ciel
Cotton, polyester
2.4 m

Carried by Hélène Raverdy and Gwenaël Baronnet, the Rainbow People creates Rainbow Mandalas in close cooperation with Mayan artists and craftsmen from Guatemala. These works are directly inspired by the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the Maya Rainbow Feathered God, and is based on the Golden Number.
The Rainbow Mandala is a joint acquisition of the Museum of Colours and Zach Dunton.

©Museum of Colours – Pierre Renard


Colour is essentiel to our life. A Museum that treats this topic brilliantly is thus as well… essentiel.

Jean-Gabriel CausseDesigner and specialist of colours’ influences

A Museum of Colours for Berlin is long overdue and would represent a great enrichment.

Dr. Klaus StaubermannResearcher, specialist in the history of color perception

I began working with the Museum of Colours in January of 2017, and it’s been one of the most rewarding collaborations of my career. Each new project creates fun new challenges to solve, and I enjoy every minute of it.

Juliana Volberdingindependent artist and regular collaborator

« Museum of Colours » ! A great project, unimaginable. Not only does Natacha Le Duff organise didactic and artistic events in a constantly evolving place, but she is also connected to the whole world of colours.

Patrick CalletPrésident of the French Colour Center

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the museum of colors during the openings of their exhibitions. It’s always very exciting to see this team working. The result is magical and each time I am dazzled by the diversity of ideas related to colours.

Ariana MagandChef cook

Our Partners

Ein Museum der Farben e.V.

In 2013 a group was formed around this idea: to create the first museum in the world dedicated to colours. It would be place to discover colours, their particularities and their meanings, and a place of exchange and dialogue between cultures, ages, disciplines. The association Ein Museum der Farben e.V. was born.

Based in Berlin, it was recognized as a general interest in 2015. The goal of the association is to set up an exhibition space dedicated to colours. Read more

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