The association

We are an international team based in Berlin.

We are trained in Political Science, Cultural Management, Art History and Business. We work in culture, tourism, project management, editorial functions.

We are undertaking this project with passion, courage, and a desire to innovate. We are driven by the conviction that such a project is important and pertinent in our world today.

In 2013 we have created the association Museum of Colours, recognised of general interest, as a support to connect our contributors and to take our place in the international networks of colour.
Our association functions in partnership with an advisory board nominated for the years 2015-2016. It is also international, intergeneational and multidisciplinary.

Our team 

Project leader Natacha Le Duff has lead the project together since its inception. After graduating in 2012 from Sciences-Po, having undertaken studies in Cultural Management, she worked towards creating the foundations for a Museum of Colours in Berlin. In parallel, she worked as a cultural mediator in Berlin.

Teresa Damaskinou
is a multilingual communicator of greek-italian origins based in Berlin. In the last ten years different working positions she has acquired an overview on different aspects of the tourism industry and has developed professional skills in customer service, events management, marketing strategies and staff training.

Anne Cogan-Krumnow
has a degree in history, archeology and cultural project management. Since 2007 she lives in Germany where she worked as a cultural mediator for many institutions such as the Kulturhistorisches Museum in Magdeburg and the Sitftung Stadtmuseum Berlin. Since 2014 she works on the project of creation of the Museum of Colours.


Stéphanie Kieffer holds a degree in Visuals Arts and Art History. She moved to Berlin in 2008. She has since worked as a freelance city guide. Also employed at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, she regularly contributes guided tours for several local contemporary art institutions such as the Thomas Olbricht Foundation (Me Collectors Room) and the Berlin Biennial. Stéphanie is fascinated by 20th and 21st century art, be it fine- or performance art, and has an excellent knowledge of Berlin’s artistic scenes and communities.

Graduated in Philosophy and in Management, Anne-Sophie Moreau came in Berlin in November 2011 as publisher of Philosophie Magazin Germany. Her experience in project management allows her to provide us valuable advices regarding the ways to set priorities or to enhance the project. As she started Philosophie Magazin in Germany, she also knows the doubts that entrepreneurs might be confronted to, and help us to face them!