History of the project

Child, visiting the house of Claude Monet, already fascination for impressionism
Trips to Martinique and the memory of Antilles madras
An uncle artist, Victor Permal, whose paintings decorate the childhood home,
A growing interest in the political symbolism of colours,
A big oral presentation like a little revelation, “Tastes and colours, we can not argue.”
Then a “Schnappsidee” – an idea that we only have from a certain degree of alcoholism: the dream of a Museum of Colours, which would make it possible to understand how all the colors work together, what makes them exist, what do they mean,
And the astonishing observation that nobody has concretized this idea yet is obvious.
A Museum of Colours: two very common terms that we associate for a seductive concept. A bit like pasta salad.
Many meetings with professionals of colours, a project that is more precise, a lot of ambition and determination,
Attendance at many conventions, colour or museums
An office, then an atelier,
A team of volunteers and artists excited about the project,
Donations, sponsors,
A cycle of exhibitions around colours,
A map of the museum becoming more and more precise,
Soon a Museum of Colours!