Participation to the Karneval der Kulturen 2016
April 2016

On May 15th, the Museum of Colours, along with its partner the Karakuli circus, will take part in the great parade of the Carnival of Cultures, a huge colourful event, which is typical of Berlin and attracts a crowd of over one million people every year. The circus performances paired with optical effects and colourful illusions will inspire creativity and imagination!

Our first exhibits!
March 2016

Our project presentation file has already proven efficient, since we had the chance to develop several partnerships with the Prinzessinengarten (urban and mobile gardening), with the association Berliner Unterwelten (the subterranean Berlin), and BSR (the cleaning company from Berlin). Thus, we can start to design our exhibition, which will include plants in different bins and recycling materials, pictures of the underground Berlin and a typical orange trash can. We are also delighted that the Street Artists C215 and Jimmy C accepted to lend us works of art for the exhibition!

Project presentation at Lust bar
February 2016

On the 18th of February, we did a project presentation at the Lust Bar, in Berlin. We talked about our Museum of Colours presentation and our project about The Colours of Berlin. Then, we tasted the wonderful wines from “D-Gusto”, on the music of Bee Lincolm and Nakosta Yoris. We had a really good time and we appreciated your suggestions and ideas. Thanks to you all! 

Meeting with the Kiwanis Berlin-Frohnau
January 2016

The Club Kiwanis of Berlin-Frohnau invited us at the Hostel Rabennest for the presentation of our project, The Colours of Berlin. Other members from other clubs-services were there. We really appreciated this meeting, and it brought us new ideas.