Workshop in Oaxaca – AIC 2014
October 2014

A pluridisciplinary and international sample of the congress participants joined us for three hours of workshop to go deeper into the conception of a Museum of Colours. We led them through different steps inspired by Make Sense and the Hold-up! methodology dedicated to social entrepreneurs. 

Starting from open questions concerning the contents and settings of the museum, we gathered around 50 ideas to serve as a basis for further reflexions. Each participants had to mark his/her five favourite ideas, what led us to select five “common favourite ideas”. By discussing and rearranging them, we came up with the following problematic: Which installations/devices could make the visitors aware of the values that the Museum of Colours wishes to transmit?

We then brainstormed on the values to select – such as tolerance & respect, the curiosity to learn more or the appreciation of beauty through colours – and for each value, we developed around five ideas of installations that could be setted in the museum – optical illusions to open the mind, workshops to recreate the colours of one’s forest or explore the links between imaginary colours and their concrete composition. 

The ideas gathered during this whole session are supporting and complementing or enriching other ideas that came out during the first workshops that we organised. During this whole process, we got possibilities to sketch more detailed outlines for a Museum of Colours. A project presentation in front of a wider audience also allowed us to see our hypothesis supported by very positive feedbacks!

Congress of the Deutsches Farbenzentrum
September 2014

On the 25th and 26th of September, about 600 congressists gathered in Wuppertal for the Deutsches Farbenzentrum Congress, around the theme of colour as experiment. Two intense days and a beautiful diversity at the heart of this congress: multidisciplinary conferences but also art and design exhibitions as well as workshops.

We would like to thank the organising comittee – especially Timo Rieke, in charge of the Farbdesignforum – for its welcome, and the opportunity to have a project presentation. This presentation gave rise to promising and relevant talks, together with very enthusiastic feedbacks!

International Day of Colour
March 2014

As part of the International Color Day, Kremanski Café opened its doors on the 19th March of 2014 for a memorable evening! The program of this event : the opening of the exhibition Chromatones, the presentation of the Museum of Colours project by Natacha Le Duff , and a presentation of the spectra theory of Goethe and Newton by Professor Olaf Müller (Humboldt University). There were also a presentation of the color’s perception by Giovanni Casu and a blind test.

The exhibition – consisting of the works of nine Berlin-based artists – referred to the variety of uses ​​of colours in visual arts. It remained installed at Kremanski Café for a month. The 23th of April was the opportunity to meet artists and friends of the project around the topic of the colours of Berlin and the use of pigments by painters.